Spreading the Word

At the beginning of 2020, we caught the eye of a local paper who wrote an article about our growing Studio.

Exam Results 2013

Grade 4 Theory (PASS) Grade 3 Theory (PASS x2) Grade 2 Theory (DISTINCTION, PASS x2) Grade 1 Theory (MERIT, PASS)

Exam Results 2015

Grade 6 Piano (PASS) Grade 5 Keyboard (MERIT) Theory (PASS) Grade 4 Piano (PASS x2) Theory (PASS) Grade 3 Keyboard (DISTINCTION) Piano (MERIT, PASS) Theory (PASS) Grade 2 Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT, PASS x2) Grade 1 Keyboard (DISTINCTION) Piano (DISTINCTION x2, PASS x5) Initial Grade Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x3, PASS)

Exam Results 2016

Grade 6 Keyboard (MERIT) Grade 5 Piano (DISTINCTION, PASS) Theory (PASS) Grade 4 Keyboard (MERIT) Piano (MERIT, PASS) Foundation Certificate Keyboard (PASS) Grade 3 Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x4, PASS x2) Theory (MERIT) Grade 2 Keyboard (MERIT) Piano (MERIT x2, PASS x3) Theory (DISTINCTION) Grade 1 Piano (MERIT x4, PASS) Initial Grade Piano (DISTINCTION x4, MERIT..Read More

Exam Results 2014

Grade 5 Piano (PASS) Grade 4 Keyboard (DISTINCTION) Piano (MERIT, PASS) Theory (PASS x2) Grade 3 Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT, PASS x2) Grade 2 Keyboard (DISTINCTION, PASS x2) Piano (MERIT, PASS x5) Grade 1 Piano (MERIT, PASS x3) Initial Grade Keyboard (MERIT) Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x2, PASS x4)

Exam Results 2017

Grade 6 Piano (MERIT x2, PASS) Grade 5 Keyboard (PASS) Piano (PASS) Grade 4 Keyboard (PASS x2) Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT, PASS) Grade 3 Keyboard (PASS) Piano (MERIT x2, PASS x2) Theory (MERIT x2) Grade 2 Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x2, PASS x2) Grade 1 Keyboard (MERIT) Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x3, PASS x4) Theory (DISTINCTION) Initial Grade..Read More

Exam Results 2018

Grade 5 Flute (MERIT) Keyboard (MERIT x2) Theory (PASS x2) Grade 4 Flute (PASS) Grade 3 Piano (PASS) Singing (DISTINCTION) Grade 2 Keyboard (DISTINCTION) Piano (DISTINCTION, MERIT x3, PASS) Theory (MERIT) Grade 1 Guitar (DISTINCTION) Keyboard (MERIT) Piano (DISTINCTION x3) Saxophone (DISTINCTION) Singing (MERIT x2) Theory (DISTINCTION, PASS) Initial Grade Guitar (DISTINCTION, MERIT, PASS) Piano..Read More