“Played the flute for ages but thought I could still improve and get some support with my playing. My teacher is full of good hints and tips and encourages but doesn’t put any pressure on my learning.”

(Elisabeth, Adult Flute Student)

Flute Lessons

Flute lessons are available for both children and adults. We welcome all ages and levels of ability, so don’t worry if you’re an absolute beginner – we have a class for you!

Our lessons generally move towards Students being entered for music exams. These are by no means compulsory, but are a good way of gauging a Students’ progress and ability. Sweet Symphony is a registered Trinity exam centre, and so all of our flute exams are held at the Sweet Symphony Studio.

Flute Lessons FAQ

I just want to learn for pleasure, I don’t want to sit exams. Is that ok?

Absolutely. Although we do encourage Students to sit exams when they’re ready, we realise that they’re not for everyone. Playing for pleasure should always be the first and foremost aim when learning a musical instrument.

What’s the youngest age you start teaching from?

It all depends on the instrument – we begin our Preschool Piano lessons from age 3. For flute lessons, we’d usually say around age 6. Younger Students can find it difficult to handle the instrument and it’s a bit of a stretch to reach some of the keys! If you have a young child who is interested in playing, however, get in touch and we can arrange a trial lesson with our woodwind teacher who will be able to recommend a suitable alternative.

Do you have a spare flute in the Studio that I can use to try out the lessons before buying one?

Unfortunately, no. Due to hygiene reasons, we can’t lend out brass/woodwind instruments to be used by Students. If you’re looking for an instrument at a good price, we can recommend some local music retailers to help you purchase your flute ready for lessons.

How much are your flute lessons?

We offer both 1:1 tuition and group lessons. Our 1:1 lessons are £14.00 and our group lessons are £10.50. For more information on our lesson formats and prices, please click here.