Guitar lessonsGUITAR LESSONS

We offer guitar lessons for classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar, so whatever your style – we can help!

You’ll need to bring along your own instrument to use in your lessons. But if you’d prefer not to buy an instrument until you’ve tried out the lessons we do have spare instruments to practise on initially.

Classes are available for both children and adults, and all levels of ability are welcome. Looking for lessons for a younger student? We’d maybe suggest starting off with ukulele lessons. Ukulele is a great way to get children into playing music and all of the skills gained learning to play ukulele are transferable to guitar when the student is a little older.

Students are encouraged to sit guitar exams when they reach a suitable standard. Exams are not compulsory, but provide a good focus for learning and are a good way to gauge progress and ability. Sweet Symphony is a registered Trinity exam centre, holding exams right here at the Sweet Symphony Studio.