Keyboard lessonsKEYBOARD LESSONS

Keyboards have a wide variety of voice options and style variations: 1940s Big Band trumpet. Full classical string quartet. 1920’s ragtime piano. They’re all possible with a few clicks of a button! Our students are encouraged to be as creative as possible and make the most of the features of their instrument, making keyboard lessons very fun and meaning that no two versions of any song ever sound the same.

Keyboard students follow the Trinity exam syllabus. And since we’re a registered Trinity exam centre, they sit their exams right here in familiar surroundings.

Our keyboard lessons are available for both children and adults. All levels of ability are welcome, from absolute beginners through to advanced players. Lessons are available as both 1:1 tuition and in group lessons.


Q. Do I need to bring my own instrument?

A. No, don’t worry – our studio is fully-equipped with several instruments per teaching room.

Q. Do I need a particular brand/model at home before taking lessons?

A. At the beginning, anything is better than nothing. We’re not suggesting you rush out and spend £100’s on a brand-spanking new instrument, but after you’ve had a few lessons and have decided whether lessons are something you’d like to continue with long-term, you may wish to speak to your tutor who can advise and recommend a particular model for you.