Piano Lessons

Sweet Symphony offers Piano Lessons to Students of all ages and abilities from their Studio in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

“My 10 year old daughter has been attending Sweet Symphony for 6 months and has piano lessons…once a week. The progress in this short time has been nothing short of amazing. Her reading of music and playing ability improves week on week…she practices at every opportunity and looks forward to coming along every week. I recommend Sweet Symphony to everyone!”

(Lyndsey, mum of Piano Student)

“I learnt to play the piano a very long time ago and hadn’t played for years. I got the chance of buying an electric piano and thought I could just sit down and play. How wrong I was. Louise, however, has helped me to rekindle my enthusiasm. She has the patience to sit with an older person and remain calm while I play as if I’ve never played before. We have a laugh, then I try again and sometimes I even play the right notes! I would definitely recommend Sweet Symphony to beginners and rusty players like myself.”

(Audrey, Adult Piano Student)

We currently have over 160 Students taking Piano Lessons each week at Sweet Symphony – it’s our most popular instrument and we have 7 teachers available to cope with the demand!

Our Piano Lessons include both theory and practical elements – very important in learning a musical instrument. We encourage students to take part in music exams when they reach the suitable standard. Exams are not compulsory but are a good way to gauge progress. Sweet Symphony is a registered Trinity College exam centre, so all of our exams are held right here in the Sweet Symphony Studio.

Lessons are available for both children and adults, from absolute beginners through to advanced players. Younger children may benefit from starting off with our Preschool Piano Lessons, which are suitable from age 3.


Do I need to have a piano before I start lessons?

No – we understand that buying a piano can be a bit of an expensive purchase and you may wish to try out a few lessons before you commit to buying one. We would, however, advise that you will get the most out of your lessons once you have an instrument at home on which to practise. Our teachers can advise you on what to look for in an instrument, and we can also recommend some local music retailers to help you with your purchase.

What ages do you teach?

From 3 – 103! Our Preschool Piano Lessons are perfect for young preschool Students aged 3 and upwards. Once children have started school they’re generally ready for our regular Piano Lessons.
We also have adult Piano Lessons available throughout the week, so whatever your age we’ll be sure to be able to find a suitable lesson space for you.

I’m an adult but I’ve never played before – can you teach me?

Absolutely! We have loads of adult Students who have come to us as absolute beginners. The most important thing is your enthusiasm to learn (and practise!)
Our lessons are tailored to go at your own pace, so you’ll never feel under pressure or overwhelmed.

How much piano practice should I do each week?

This answer depends entirely on you and your own circumstances. We realise that everyone has extremely busy lives these days and fitting in practice can be difficult. The best solution is to try and get into a practice routine and aim for little and often – you’ll get more out of regular 10 minute practice sessions than trying to cram an hour and a half the night before your lesson!

How much are your Piano Lessons?

We offer both 1:1 tuition and group lessons. Our 1:1 lessons are £18 and our group lessons are £13. For more information on our lesson formats and prices, please click here.