£10.50     |     Evening Group Classes (3:30pm-8pm) BOOK NOW

Lessons are 30-minutes long and consist of 2 students in each class, both of a similar age and ability.  Students participate in group activities and quizzes to help to reinforce new concepts. Each student has their own instrument to play on and also has their own 1:1 time with their teacher each week to focus on their solo pieces and progress.


£14.00     |     1:1 Tuition & Preschool Piano Lessons (10:30am-3pm) BOOK NOW

Available through the day? Our daytime lessons are individual lessons, which allows the time to tailor the lesson precisely to the student’s requirements, whether that is focusing on improving particular areas of the student’s playing, or preparing for exams.

Our preschool piano lessons are individual, 30-minute lessons designed specially for preschool children aged 3 and over with a view to introducing them to music – and piano, in particular – through various games and activities. They provide a great introduction for children to move into regular piano lessons when they are a little older.