Lessons & Prices

At Sweet Symphony we offer both 1:1 tuition and group lessons. All lessons are 30 minutes long.

£18 | 1:1 Tuition & Preschool Piano Lessons

Available Monday-Friday 10:30-15:30

If you’re available through the day, we can offer 1:1 tuition. These lessons allow the time to 100% tailor each element of the lesson to you, whether that’s focusing on improving a particular area of your playing or focusing on exams.

Our Preschool Piano Lessons are individual lessons designed to introduce children aged 3 and up to the world of music through various games and activities. They provide a great foundation for young children, who can move up into regular piano lessons when they’re older.

£13 | Group Lessons

Available Monday-Friday 16:00-20:00 and all day Saturday

Our group lessons are made up of just 2 Students. We pair our groups in terms of age and ability, so Students can learn together at a mutually-suitable pace. As well as each having their own 1:1 time with their teacher, Students take part in fun group activities, performances and quizzes to help reinforce new concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Group lessons help to reduce pressure on Students, especially younger children, when learning new skills alongside another player. They can boost Students’ confidence in performing in front of others, and helps Students to develop a sense of teamwork when playing along with others.