Sweet Symphony offers Saxophone Lessons to Students of all ages and abilities from their Studio in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

“I couldn’t recommend Sweet Symphony enough, both of my sons love coming to their lessons and both speak highly of their teachers… Both of my sons have successfully passed their first exams in piano and ukulele at a high level this is all thanks to the teachers at Sweet Symphony School of Music.”

(Samantha, mum of Piano & Ukulele Students)

Saxophone Lessons

Saxophone Lessons are available for both children and adults. We welcome all ages starting from age 5!! (see below) Don’t worry if you’re an absolute beginner – we cater for absolute beginners through to advanced players. Our Saxophone Lessons are tailored to each Student, so you can relax knowing we’ll work at a pace that suits you.

Students will need to bring along their own instrument to use in lessons. If you don’t already have an instrument please get in touch and we’ll be happy to recommend some local retailers.


What style of music do you teach?

What style would you like to learn?! We tailor our lessons to the requirements of each Students, so if you’re interested in jazz, we’ll teach you jazz!

Do you offer exams in Saxophone?

Yes, we encourage all of our Students to sit music exams when they reach a suitable standard, although these aren’t compulsory. Sweet Symphony is a registered Trinity exam centre, so Students sit their exams right here in the Sweet Symphony Studio in familiar surroundings.

Can you help me purchase an instrument?

We can certainly advise you with regards to what to look for in a Saxophone, but we don’t currently buy instruments on behalf of Students.

Do you teach both Alto and Tenor Saxophone?

Yes, we can offer Lessons in both Alto and Tenor Saxophone.

From what age do you teach Saxophone?

We can offer Saxophone Lessons from age 5 using the fantastic Nuvo jSax! (Read about the great Nuvo instruments in our blog here) Older Students learning Alto Sax would be best starting from age 7 or 8, but if it’s Tenor Sax you’re interested in then we’d suggest waiting until around age 10, purely for the size of the instrument.

How much are your Saxophone Lessons?

Our Saxophone Lessons are offered as 1:1 tuition and are £16.50. For more information on our lesson formats and prices, please click here.