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What A Difference A Year (or 3) Makes!

We received a Facebook notification yesterday about one of our “memories” – a Facebook post you’d created on this day at some time in the past. The memory was from 2016 and was all about the time when Louise first started branching out and taking on staff. Lots of our Students joined us after this

Sweet Symphony School of Music

New Arrivals

This week’s blog post is coming to you a little later than planned, due to a hectic week getting on top of us and delaying the writing process! Our regular catch-up day this week was taken up enrolling all of our new Students (more on this later) and so we’re a little behind. Brand new

Sweet Symphony School of Music

The Year Ahead

2019 is shaping up to be a very busy year already for everyone at Sweet Symphony! We’ve got several exam sessions coming up (read more about these here) over the next few months. February sees us welcome two new Teachers to the Studio, as well as find out how we did in the Tyne &

Sweet Symphony School of Music

Making Connections

So this week, we’ve been all about making connections! Both yesterday and today we’ve been attending a business course through in North Shields. It’s linked to another course we attended back in June last year, called Boost Your Business. These courses are designed to help you promote your business and to think in depth about

Sweet Symphony School of Music

Certificates Galore!

We’ve been handing out exam certificates right, left and centre this week at Sweet Symphony – one of our favourite parts of the job! We never put any pressure on any of our Students to sit exams. That’s not the point of learning to play a musical instrument. But exams do provide a handy focus

Singing Lessons

“My daughter has been going for over a year now and she absolutely loves it. Sweet Symphony has expanded rapidly since last year and now offer lessons for a wide variety of musical instruments. I highly recommend for lessons for people of any age, the teachers are friendly and lessons are a reasonable price.” (Donna,