Sweet Symphony offers Preschool Piano Lessons using the popular Wunderkeys™ method.

My youngest daughter is 3 and has just started Wunderkeys… She laughs all the way through her lesson…and she is not only learning about music, but maths too. I would recommend Sweet Symphony to everyone, young and old. I only wish I had time for lessons for me!!!

(Helen G., mum of Preschool Student)

My 4 year old has just started Wunderkeys… and very much enjoys himself! I knew he wouldn’t be able to do the same sort of lessons as my daughter as they are so different, but Wunderkeys has come along at just the right time, and I know that at the right time, my son will be able to move to the grown up lessons! Thank you to Sweet Symphony.

(Lucy B-H., mum of Preschool Student)

Preschool Piano Lessons

Too young for our regular Piano Lessons? Then why not try our fantastic Preschool Piano Lessons!

Sweet Symphony uses the Wunderkeys™ curriculum, which is popular worldwide and is specifically designed for preschool children aged 3-5 years old.

We know that preschool children don’t have the attention span or the learning capabilities to cope with a regular 30-minute lesson spent entirely at the piano. So this is why Wunderkeys™ lessons are broken into several segments. Each segment focuses on a different area important to the overall goal of learning music – spotting patterns, identifying rhythms, recognising high/low sounds. All of this is done through various interactive activities such as games, songs – and even Teacher-Student duets.

Children work through their own lesson book each week with their Teacher. The book has all of the materials needed for the lesson, as well as an activity sheet to complete at home with Mum or Dad (don’t worry – you don’t have to be musical to help out!)

Wunderkeys™ Preschool Piano Lessons provide a fantastic foundation for learning, and when they’re old enough your child will be able to progress easily and naturally into regular Piano Lessons.


How much are the Preschool Piano Lessons?

Our Preschool Piano Lessons are offered as 1:1 tuition and are £18. Lessons are available Monday-Friday 10:30-3:00. For more information on our lesson formats and prices, please click here.

At what age can my child start Preschool Piano Lessons?

The Wunderkeys™ programme is designed specifically for children aged between 3 and 5. But we know that every child is different. To help you decide whether your child is ready, download this handy checklist.

What happens when my child starts school? Do they have to stop their lessons?

Not at all! In fact, they’ve had the best possible start to their musical education and should be able to easily transition into our regular after-school Piano Lessons to continue their progress.

Can I sit in with my child during their lessons?

We encourage Parents to come in with their child for their first lesson, in order to meet their new Teacher and to get a feel for the lesson format. After the first lesson, we advise Parents to use our waiting room facilities, as we find that the child opens up and bonds more easily with their Teacher this way.